Many months later, certain smells still don’t find their way into my nose

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First off, this article is going to be strange. I don’t know why, but all the things that I can’t smell are super weird. I feel that I am writing this in the hopes of someone else having these same symptoms.

A few months ago, I found myself sitting in my doctor’s office with a cotton swab up my nose. This was due to a loss of smell in which I could not even smell a straight whiff of vinegar. The cotton swab and I entered a…

A deeper dive into the difference between preaching and teaching, and the reason we retain some information, but not other information.

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Teaching is the only way this world progresses. Without it, our earth would continue to spin but no advances would be made. But what really is teaching and how is it accomplished?

Millions of students flow in and out of classes every year. These classes can range from a cooking class to a taekwondo class. No matter the type of class, the goal is to educate the students on whatever the material may be. To accomplish this goal, an individual or group must effectively piece together information to convey a message to the students. This process is known as teaching.

But in a surprisingly good way.

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Recently, I learned about the Communist system in Russia in the early to mid-1900s. Leaders like Lenin and Joseph Stalin took complete control over Russia in the hopes of restoring order. Lenin rebuilt the Russian economy and created a new nation known as the Soviet Union that followed a communist regime. After the death of Lenin, Joseph Stalin rose to power. Stalin formed a totalitarian state in which he kept extremely tight control over the people of the Soviet Union.

To keep total control over his people, Joseph Stalin needed to control every aspect…

Your training sessions will be forever changed

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Many athletes, including myself, struggle to find ways to motivate, and push themselves in a way that furthers them. After many attempts of using things like motivational quotes to push me through my workouts, I have learned that the only true way to enter that next level of training is through a partner.

I have a love-hate relationship with training. At times, there is no place I would rather be. I enter a zone in which no outside factor can reach me. No stress, no worries, and no tension. But then, something changes…

What am I really getting out of this?

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As I sit here procrastinating from studying for my Chemistry test, I wonder to myself, why? Why am I wasting between 2–4 hours each night on homework? Why am I cramming my brain with information that will most likely never be used again? Why am I stressing out over a possible pop quiz in my history class tomorrow? Why?

Before I dive into this, I should first say that I am grateful to be in a high school. I realize that many kids all over the world do not have this golden opportunity. So far, high school has created special…

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Have you recently struggled on your runs? Or possibly lost motivation and need an extra boost? Or simply just a beginner looking to enter the sport?

This list can help runners who need that new piece of gear to get themselves back on their feet or it can educate a beginner that is just starting out in this fun sport. Below are 7 items that can instantly improve the runs of both a novice, and a pro.

1. Running Shoes

For you beginners, it is time to hang up your everyday shoes and graduate to the big leagues. Get yourself a pair of…

Jaxson Abraham

High Schooler Who Loves to Write, Play Soccer, and Have Fun

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