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  • Martyn Ruks

    Martyn Ruks

    Founder of chronyko, an immersive learning and development business — https://chronyko.com

  • Saesha Kukreja

    Saesha Kukreja

    Imaginative and ambitious individual who strives to impact change through writing

  • Un Swede

    Un Swede

    I write to you, experiences from my life with management, coding, personal development—some selected stories from my life events.

  • Jennifer Osborne

    Jennifer Osborne

    Educator, M.S./M.Ed.⎪Expat ⎪Runner⎪Editor of Educate. medium.com/educate-pub⎪www.jenniferosbornewrites.com

  • Liesl Baumann

    Liesl Baumann

    Forensic science graduate, currently working as a freelance translator. Love my orchids, pets and working from home.

  • Mashud Rana

    Mashud Rana

    "* I am Mxmashud & serving at Upwork, Fiverr & people per hour marketplaces since 2018. * I have completed 40 projects & made 25 happy clients.

  • Maggie Favretti

    Maggie Favretti

    I work and play at the intersection of youth, educator, and community well-being, learning, and empowerment. Resilience is the power to drive change. Together.

  • Alexandra


    A fun 16 yr old girl who loves reading classics and writing for fun with a passion for creativity and music. I am also a weeb Owo

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